About Dominic Tay

Dominic Tay was born into a single-income family and raised in a government subsidized housing.

When he was 9, his family faced financial uncertainty when his father was not sure if he could keep his job during the economic recession.

So when his teacher ask his class to bring extra money to pay for that year's class photo, he didn't want to… only to be mistaken as being mischievous and getting publicly embarrassed in front of his friends.

That day, Dominic vowed to achieve financial success so his family and him will never get embarrassed because of their financial situation again.

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Dominic Tay Jumping Up with joy, About Dominic Tay

His First Breakthrough

After completing his Diploma in Biotechnology and working part-time jobs to raise his startup capital, he found himself having zero business ideas, no special skills or experience.

Even worse, when Dominic told his family and friends that he wanted to start an online business, they laughed and passed sarcastic comments because they felt there's no way he would ever succeed without any business connections, business education or corporate work experience.

So for the next 5 years, Dominic went through countless conflicts with his family, burnouts and expensive “trial and error” as he struggled to navigate through the confusing and overwhelming jungle of online business.

Dominic Tay's first breakthrough came after he formulated a system and when he made his first 6 figures online through selling simple Amazon eBooks.

He Uses Proven & Replicable Digital Marketing Systems

Following the systems he later formulated and discovered, Dominic went on to expand and scale his online business and began making millions before age 30. 

Today, he is better known as “the systems guy” because of his replicable, systematic approach to starting and scaling businesses online. 

He is also a digital marketing coach who is committed to make 10,000 beginners and business owners successful online. Will you be next?

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Dominic Tay Teaching
Dominic Tay Teaching

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Dominic Tay Teaching
Dominic Tay Teaching

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