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If you're using AI Content generators (e.g. ChatGPT)
...or someone else is creating content for you

You need to use this new tool I covered in the video above after watching the LIVE Demo: https://DominicTay.com/contentchecker

Google has been "slapping" (a.k.a penalizing) websites for using AI Content as-it-is and my prediction is Amazon KDP will follow suit.

But the problem is...

"Old" plagiarism checker tools like Copyscape doesn't detect AI Content... unless they are already used by other publicly available websites or social media.

And that's why as of now...

GOODBYE COPYSCAPE 😢 (You will be missed)

And even if you're not using ChatGPT yourself, your freelancer or someone involved in your content creation might.

Plus, many website builders and content creation tools now come in-built with AI content generation/suggestion abilities.


So if you have any content created after 30 November 2022 (when ChatGPT was released publicly)...

My suggestion is to watch this video (especially the LIVE Demo part) and check them for AI Content.

Inside the video, I also cover what to do if there's AI Content detected, plus...

06:26 Do We REALLY Need To Use This?
06:43 How Many % of Plagiarism Is Allowed?
07:22 Dealing With "False Positives" By AI Content Detector

Again, clickable timestamps are included in the video, which allows you to jump to the sections you want.

Don't wait till you get "slapped" by Amazon KDP before you take any action.

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