Daydreaming Can Be A Positive Trait… If You Do This One Thing

I love to daydream since young.

When I was in primary 3, after watching NBA, I would daydream about being one of the starters in the school basketball team…although I was in the football team.

I toyed with the idea and after a few weeks, I spoke to the teacher in charge of football. He laughed at me, saying I'll never be anything more than a “calefare” (bench warmer) in the team.

In the next one year, I picked up basketball and practiced every day…eventually making it into the starter team and representing my school in basketball tournaments.

Fast forward to my polytechnic days…

On my first day, I daydreamed about being one of the top students in my class.

It was a huge step for me because I was never excited about studying…and I'm among other students who had better entry scores.

But I challenged myself to learn new studying strategies, found another student to have a healthy competition with, and I began to get As… receiving multiple honorary rolls from the Dean.

Then came a day when I chanced books written by successful business figures and millionaires.

As I read them, I found myself inspired and excited about my future.

Before I realized, I began to daydream about becoming a millionaire myself.

I would daydream about living in abundance, traveling around the world and having fun with my family, hanging out/learning from successful people, and sharing my knowledge with others.

Later as I studied more about entrepreneurship, I discovered the process of “daydreaming” had a better name — “visualization”.

Back then, I would visualize myself already living my dream lifestyle, making it seem/feel so real I can't tell the difference between imagination and reality. At times, I even have dreams about them when I sleep/nap.

My daydreams gave me the vision and the motivation to get things done despite the mountains of challenges and discomfort… One being speaking in front of people. In fact, I recalled the first time being tasked to guide the whole school in reciting the Pledge during my primary school's assembly.

I did not just fumble, I completely forgot the Pledge out of nervousness!

My teacher reassured me stage fright is normal for the first time and told me to practice more.

I did…

But whenever I stood in front of the school with hundreds of eyes staring at me, I would freak out and forgot the exact lines I've repeated a hundred times the night before. My teacher eventually replaced me with someone else.

Fast forward 10 years to today, I've presented to crowds over 700 people at one go… I'm living my dreams, happily achieving (and daydreaming about) more breakthroughs in my life…and making a difference to additional thousands of people around the world each year.

As I reflected on my achievements, I realized they were all a result of having empowering daydreams.

So yes, daydreaming is a good trait… if only you follow up with taking action to taking it into a reality!

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One Response

  1. Hi Dom,

    Indeed very inspiring. My dream was to own some oil palm landbanks and i got what i dream of but unfortunately it didn’t work out as expected. 10 years with no dividend and still struggling. Hence, here i am inspired by you. I don’t have a choice.
    Sorry i don’t have a URL.
    Chern Loong

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