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Business Owners

Too Many Leads to Handle!

"After attending 2 courses, I still didn't know what to do. But fortunately I met Dominic and he has helped me A LOT. Today, I had to pause the campaign because I have too many leads to handle!"

Dominic L.

Luxury Properties Advisor

Tripled My Sales & Growing!

"Using one of the strategies that Dominic will teach in his workshop, I increased my sales by 3 times... and the best part is I can also scale up my business to further increase my revenue!"


Business Owner

Generated Extra $500K++ In Sales!

"Being personally mentored by Dominic has allowed me to overcome my limiting beliefs. Dominic is entirely responsible for allowing me to generate an additional $500,000 dollars in revenue... and allowed me to help more customers!"

Daniel L.

eCommerce Business Owner & Coach

Gave Specific Changes To Attract More PAYING Clients!

"Dominic showed me exact changes I can make (to my product) to attract people and get them to convert into paying customers. It's just amazing and I'm so excited!"

Maria Giordano

Real Estate Investor, Developer, Speaker, Mentor & Author

Guided Me To Become A Bestseller!

"Dominic showed me how to turn my print book into a bestseller. He shows up on time, he way over-delivers on his suggestions and I highly recommend Dominic!"

Colin Campbell

Direct Response Copywriter, Speaker & Author

Doubled My Sales With ONE Change & Dominic's Template!

"I followed the template that Dominic gave to me do the only ONE change in last 2 weeks... And up till now, it has doubled my sales on a daily basis. Thanks Dominic!"

Irene T.

Amazon Product Seller

Empowered Me to Differentiate & Position Myself As An Expert

"Dominic taught me the system to differentiate from other people and then position myself as an expert. He turned something that's so complicated which others charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to do... into something so easy and accessible!"

Dr. Hilda Maldonado, M.D.

Hormone & Metabolic Expert & Author

Doubled My Sales Using Just One Technique

"Using one of Dominic's techniques, I was able to double my sales yesterday and the best thing is it's so natural and I do not have to force myself (to apply the technique). Thanks Dominic!"

C.K. Tan

Energy Healing Expert, Trainer & Author 


Made 4-Digits Within 2 Months & My Family Is Now 100% Supportive For The FIRST TIME!

"I entered Dominic's course 2 months ago with absolutely no ideas at all. As of now, I'm producing 4 digits and my family who used to be skeptical is now 100% supportive for the first time in my life!"

Alex L.

148% Returns & Passive Income From My FIRST Product 

"Before I attended Dominic's program, I had no idea how to even find a profitable topic. Thanks to what I learned from him, I made 148% returns on my product and I'm making a passive income. One year after the course, he's giving support to his graduates!"

Katherine T.

Sold Close To Thousands of Copies Of My first Book & Became A Bestseller!

"Before meeting Dominic, I had spent thousands of dollars on different courses but none of them gave me the complete picture. After I learned from Dominic, I sold close to thousands of copies of my first book and dominated the bestseller categories!"

Kazi K.

Brought In Income To Help Me Tide Through Last Five Months

"Five months ago, I had a job transition and my father had a heart attack which created a financial strain on my family. I implemented what Dominic shared and it brought in the income to help me tide through all these five months. I'm very thankful to Dominic's course!"

Tony T.

Received Step-By-Step Guidance, Confidence Support From Dominic

"I joined Dominic so that I can have someone to consult when I'm starting an Internet Business. He provided me with a step-by-step workbook that details exactly what needs to be done. After the program, he also replies to me whenever I have any questions in implementation. I highly recommend anyone to join him!"


Started Two Companies With High Profile Clients

"Before I met Dominic, I'm just an average University student who knew I need to work hard and earn money. But after learning from Dominic, I started two companies that are growing quite fast and deals with high profile clients. I'm amazed with the results and I never thought I would be able to do this!"

Charles C.


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